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  • Hand Washing Saves Lives

    Extra, extra, read all about it: “Hand washing saves lives!” Spread this important headline at your next staff meeting by leading a training in proper hand hygiene practices using this free, interactive learning module.

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    Hand Washing Effectiveness

    Eighty percent of infections are spread by hands. The single most important means of stopping the spread of germs is hand washing. Hang these posters in hallways and classrooms to remind staff, children and families how to effectively wash their hands.

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    You Missed Something

    You may wash your hands several times per day, but are you missing something? Use this poster to remind children and staff about the areas most commonly missed when washing hands.

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    Your Hand Washing Policy

    Reminding staff of the importance of effective hand washing is great, but make sure the expectation is clear by establishing a comprehensive hand washing policy. Use this template to take another step in ensuring your helping to keep everyone healthy!

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    Hand Washing Policy
  • Anti-bac, Soap & More

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    Use your exclusive savings with Staples to stock up on all of your hand washing supplies. Save on soap, anti-bac and so much more!
  • CDC: Hand Hygiene

    CDC Hand Hygiene
    Watch this short and informative video from the Centers for Disease Control as a reminder of the important role hand washing plays in preventing the spread of disease!

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